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Business advice

You’re a business owner. You’re in the process of building a business you can be proud of. So what advice could we possibly give you? 

Build a business that’s better without you

Our business advice has one focus, and that is to help you to build a business that runs better without you. Not a business that gets by without you, but one that is better by any measure when you’re not around.

This involves encouraging and helping you to work on the business, not just in it, so that your company runs like a well-oiled machine.

This is easy to say but can be a challenge to achieve especially with the pressures of running a successful business, whatever it’s size.

Why is this a good idea?

Because, whichever long-term route you choose to take, you will be better off.

If you’re thinking of selling your business in future you will get more for it, because it won’t be dependent on you for its continued success. Or if you choose to pass the business on to family members or employees, you’ll be able to sleep at night safe in the knowledge that your business is thriving in your absence.

Perhaps, you have no desire to sell your business or widen its ownership? If so, we would still like to encourage you to work towards the point you are only doing the you love. From our experience this is where you will add most value to your business and you will have more leisure time for you to enjoy.

How can we help?

As proactive business advisers we will look for ways to help you achieve your long term business goals. As well as ensuring your financial plans are robust and achievable , where we will see synergy, we will actively introduce you to other businesses – other clients and trusted business partners. We will encourage the use of technology to increase efficiency and reduce the dependency of the business on any particular individual – allowing you to gradually step back whilst having the management and operational information to make informed decisions

If you’re interested in building a business that is better without you, please email us to arrange an initial telephone conversation.