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Small recruitment business in Reading

I’ve been with K&H for a short while, but can say that it’s been one of my best business decisions to move accountancy practices.

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Property Investor

I have worked with K&H for a couple of years now and really value their expertise. As a property investor, the taxation is complex and constantly changing and these changes can have a fundamental impact on the profitability of my business on a deal by deal basis. I have always found Andy Scott to provide an exceptionally high level of service...

Fi Warren-Smith
, FWS Properties
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ACT Fitness Ltd

Thank you for sending everything through to me so promptly

Andy Tulley
, ACT Fitness Ltd
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Park Home Chassis

By knowing our business well, they can offer advice and guidance readily and appropriately when needed. KandH are always responsive and are nice people to work with!

Cathi Foale
, Park Home Chassis
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Big Red Sales

In my 30+ years of meeting with Accountancy Companies to discuss year end numbers I can honestly say I have never written to say “thank you and state how much I enjoyed the discussion”

John. B. Reddington
, Big Red Sales
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Atlas Flowers

At K&H we have access to experts who can give us more rounded advice on all the important areas like business systems, software, marketing and general business support, as well as doing a very thorough job on the accounts and tax.

Rob Copsey
, Atlas Flowers
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Solways Ltd

A note of sincere thanks for making the Financial Health Check interesting, informative, enlightening and a requirement for 50-year olds! This is the start - a review of our future.

Tim Solway
Director , Solways Ltd
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The Worklife Company

“Andrew Gray is excellent at offering sound advice and helping us drive our business forward – I regard him more a business partner than an accountant.”

Lynne Copp
Managing Director , The Worklife Company
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Clinical Professionals Ltd

“The one-to-one sessions are excellent – it’s good to take time out of the office and prioritise plans.”

James Nyssen
Managing Director , Clinical Professionals Ltd
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Bowood Landscapes

“Andy Scott of K&H has given me lots of good business advice – such as putting my prices up. He said I wasn’t charging enough, and he was right. K&H provides lots of good business contacts too.”

Andy Woodason
Managing Director , Bowood Landscapes
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Tee Pee Ltd

“K&H carry out a proactive business and tax review, looking at my business as a whole, and ask proactive questions rather than waiting for me to ask the questions. They have challenged me to reflect on where we are going and how we are going to get there.

Emma Tennant
Director , Tee Pee Ltd
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Qi Statistics

“Very personable and totally upfront about their charges”

Anne Hasted
Director , Qi Statistics
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VIP Grinders

“K&H are always on the end of the phone or get back to us quickly”

Peter Donovan
Director , VIP Grinders
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Instar UK

“I’ve used K&H since I started my business. They have been very useful to me as a one-man business, taking away all the burden of my tax returns and other financial matters.”

Nick Mills
Managing Director , Instar UK
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Rainmaker Coaching

“K&H took time to listen and understand my business. They have helped me make my company more efficient and effective and, most importantly, less dependent on me”

Rob Biggin
Managing Director , Rainmaker Coaching
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Marshalls Pet Store

“I’m a qualified accountant myself, but we still need the independent appraisal that K&H provide”

Emma Marshall
Director , Marshalls Pet Store
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Glendining Signs

“Total satisfaction with the service I get from all parts of K&H”

Andrew Green
Managing Director , Glendining Signs Ltd
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Prospect Estate Agency

We have a very good working relationship with K&H built on trust. They really do deliver what they say they’ll deliver.

Colin Wells
Director , Prospect Estate Agency
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Thames Valley Asset Finance

I pay a fixed amount, and then I have ‘free’ access to Andy and all the other advisers whenever I want. If an opportunity comes up, or if I have any questions, I can go and discuss things with them. They’re very flexible. And there are no hidden extras.

Andy Wise
Director , Thames Valley Asset Finance
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Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre

We use them mainly for accountancy, although I do know they offer business advice as well. They encouraged us to become a limited company, for example, which saved us tax.

Carol Adkins
Director , Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre
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