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Get an iPad3 for under £100

Following my recent blog post about new grants, I gather that the people at Sustainable Routes are also happy to give grants for purchases such as iPads.  (If you have problems opening the above link, please Google: sustainable route grants.)

I have worked out that the net cost of a £399 iPad3 can be as little as £99.75 after allowing for VAT,  a 50% grant and 40% tax.

There are various conditions to meet (e.g. business use), but this should work for most business people.

The same principles and savings should apply to iPhones and other smart phones, again subject to how they are used.

2 Responses to “Get an iPad3 for under £100”

  1. Doesn’t really explain anything – where does the 50% grant come from or the 40% tax?

    The other article for grants mentioned a 20% grant for expenditure over £25k.

    Please explain in more detail.

  2. We understand that some people haven’t been able to open the above link. Please Google: sustainable route grants. We’ve also added more information into the body of the posting above.

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