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19 attributes of great leaders

Re-reading some notes of a course I went on a while ago, I came across this. Attributes of a great leader:

  1. They have a vision
  2. They understand their mission (i.e. – purpose/reason for being in business)
  3. They have a clear picture of where the business is going and what it will look like when it is finished
  4. They appear to do little (!)
  5. They are selfless, i.e. unselfish
  6. They do not protect people from themselves
  7. They have no favourites/are unbiased
  8. They have humility
  9. They do not talk about people when they are not present
  10. They speak simply, clearly and honestly using silences
  11. They take decisions
  12. They take effective action
  13. They create harmony
  14. They do not push, therefore receive little resistance
  15. They are open, receptive and considerate
  16. They let go
  17. They do not intervene unnecessarily
  18. They facilitate a process
  19. They use common sense!

Many of these, like the last point, are just common sense, but I think it is always worth taking a moment to reflect on how well we score in these areas, and making small adjustments to how we lead.

This isn’t just about leadership for business owners. I think we should all aim to apply these principles not only in our work roles, but also in our personal lives in how we behave with friends, family and anyone we have dealings with in our daily lives.

Can you add to the list (or change it)?

With thanks to Jonathan Holroyd for inspiring this blog post.

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