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£1,500 grants for taking on young apprentices

I was recently alerted to a grant currently available when taking on young apprentices.

As I understand it, the employer pays the apprentice a training salary, typically £125 per week, for the duration of the Apprenticeship Programme (eight months). The minimum training salary is £2.60 per hour.

This provides your organisation with an extra resource without heavily impacting on financial output.

The apprenticeship is fully funded by the Government. The employer pays a one-off registration and certification fee of £150 plus VAT to register the apprentice with the Awarding Body.

Recruiting an apprentice is a cost-effective solution during this economic climate, providing you with an affordable full-time staff member; and, as an employer, you are providing a young person with a great opportunity to kick-start their career.

I was alerted to this grant by Key Training based in Basingstoke. For further information, please contact, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  1. Steve Mills says:

    Great blog post. Just put this out via LinkedIn!!

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