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Collaborating with like-minded professionals

There are many benefits to working in partnership with other professionals. I believe first and foremost that you must trust them to get on with their jobs, but you also have to trust them at a personal and basic level in order to work together as professionals. Characters with huge egos placed in unsuitable roles do not bode well for success with a collaboration of professionals.

Here at Kirkpatrick & Hopes we have a growing network of Associates: people and companies that collaborate for the benefit of our clients. In particular, organisations that also specialise in succession and income planning.

Collaboration seems to be the word on the tip of every professional’s tongue at the moment; it is not the same as a referral. The client can meet with a network of professionals to discuss, plan and prepare for their succession planning, with their entire circumstances taken into account, and being supported every step of the way.

A successful collaboration needs careful planning at the outset. Choose your associates and collaborators wisely and map out exactly the role of each professional in the succession planning stages.

Trust plays a huge part in any successful collaboration. As someone who may have spent their working life in ‘solitary confinement’, you may have to adapt, in particular, to sharing your clients and trusting your collaborators.

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