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What do Great Ormond Street Hospital and Formula 1 teams have in common?

One of the biggest challenges I face in working with business owners and their teams is trying to get the systemisation message across. In other words, trying to explain how every business (every thing?) can be improved by introducing consistently applied procedures.

The objection I often hear is that “our business can’t be systemised because every situation is unique/my people won’t do it that way/I need to apply professional judgment/it is dehumanising etc etc”. The worst culprits for using this objection are “professionals” such as accountants!

On the E-Myth blog is the story of how Great Ormond Street Hospital has learned from Formula 1 motor racing teams how to streamline (systemise) the patient transfer procedure from the operating room to the intensive care unit.

In a related article there is a quote that sums it up for me:

As Nigel Stepney, Ferrari’s then technical manager, asserts: “It’s not about having the best people and just putting them together. It’s about a group of people who can work as a team.” Find out more.

To see exactly how they do this, here are the slides with the patient handover system: Handover Training Slides (This needs to be opened as read only).

I hope this serves to illustrate that everyone including the most technically skilled professionals can benefit from systemisation. Also it is not just about making more money, it can also improve lives directly and increase the chances of survival, as the above example illustrates.

Do you agree? Please let me know.

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