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Do you need a great body to have a truly great business??

I have to confess I have fallen behind with listening to the podcasts that I wrote about in my earlier blog. The reason is that recently my time in my “university on wheels” has been spent listening to some other material on a different (but related) theme.

The numbers that this will help change are things like: life expectancy and the percentage of maximum physical wellbeing that we experience. It has already changed (reduced) my weight and waist size!

The subject is diet and how most of us are (put very simply) poisoning our bodies with bad foods and then using other poisons (medicines) to disguise the symptoms. In a bit more detail: the reasoning is that the pH (acid/alkaline) balance of our bodies is thrown out by consuming acid forming foods (like sugars, fat from processed foods and animal sources etc). These are the underlying causes most of the ailments that are usually blamed on viruses and diseases.

The good metaphor is that the diseases are like the mosquitoes on a stagnant pool of water (our bodies) and that to get rid of the mosquitoes we must clean the pool and not simply try to deter the mosquitoes.

This metaphor is used by Anthony Robbins and his audio programme Living Health.

The same message is in the book The pH Miracle and for a more punchy version of a similar message also have a look at (thanks to Caroline Eveleigh for this recommendation).

Why is this relevant in a business blog?

Anthony Robbins view is that without a sound body (our temple) we can never achieve our potential in business or any other aspect of life. It is not good having a great, profitable business if we sacrifice other aspects of our lives to achieve it. We must have balance in the wheel of life.

I personally have lost count of the number of clients who have told me they work double the normal working week, 60 to 70 hours or more.

I agree with Anthony Robbins about the need for balance. What do you think?

Why not come to the next Business Builder Forums, the title of which is, coincidentally, based on the Benjamin Franklin quote “Business Planning – Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”. This is on 13.2.08.  I hope to see you there so you can tell me what plans you have to sell your business.

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