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What is your attitude to money?

This is an important question, because your attitude to money forms the financial foundation of your company.

As accountants, we are forever going on about the need for financial controls and it was good to read the same message recently from a non-accountant on the E-Myth blog.

One interesting point made is that the way we run our businesses is usually the way we run our personal lives and finances. If one of them is chaotic, then so will everything else.

We need to look at our attitude to money (personal and business) and understand this before we can decide what personalised training and help we need to achieve the financial management that every business should have.

As professional advisers, one of the skills that we need to hone is helping clients to understand this, to give them the help they need, more as a coach than an accountant.

To understand why this is so important, have a look at the E-Myth blog. Please post a comment to let me know if your personal finances (and life!) are as well managed as your business.

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