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How to eat an elephant

Speaking as a vegetarian, I must first make it clear that I am speaking metaphorically, as I am sure you will have guessed anyway…

The most common reason that clients give me for not working ON their businesses (eg not doing the strategic work, systemising etc) is that they are too busy. Too busy working IN the business (eg managing people, selling, doing the accounts, making the tea etc etc). Admittedly, the size of the task is huge and as daunting as eating the proverbial elephant.

The clients in question are often working 60 to 70 hours a week so their reason is a genuine one. However, I know from my own experience that it is always possible to make progress on the strategic stuff IF you manage your time well.

A recent blog on the E-Myth website gives some thoughts on how to tackle this problem under these headings:

  • You Can’t Hit a Target if you’re Aiming at the Sky
  • Focus on the Results, Not on the Work
  • Approach that Elephant Strategically

The most time consuming “working ON” area is systemisation for most businesses. Remember that a fully systemised business is worth 87% more than an averagely systemised business, so tackling this problem has to be worthwhile.

Have a look at the whole article and please do let me know if you think this will help you eat your elephant.

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