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Right turn saves 3m gallons of fuel a year

One of the K&H Business Builder Forums a while ago was on the subject of “Innovation, Orchestration and Quantification” (based on part of the E-Myth book). The group attending talked about different changes that they could make to improve their businesses. In many cases these are very simple ideas that cost little or nothing in money or time.

Here is a great example of how one large company has put this principle into action to save money, time and the earth’s resources:

UPS, the parcel delivery service, has changed its vehicle’s route planning systems in the US to make right turns wherever possible. This means that they avoid waiting to turn left at junctions (they drive on the right in the USA of course). They estimate this will save 3 million gallons of fuel a year!

Visit the E-Myth blog for more details.

Can you think of an equally creative way to innovate in your business?

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