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Interpreting the numbers – in your dreams…

A client recently told me about a website that helps you interpret your dreams. (Don’t ask me how we got onto this subject…)

I read Freud’s book on dreams years ago and thought it would be worth revisiting the subject. After browsing around a few related sites, I found a site that explains the meaning of numbers in your dream. As an accountant, this caught my interest.

For example, it explains that the number eight “indicates a strong sense of intuition and is the number associated with wealth and success”.

I wonder if you can also use this to interpret your underlying character traits (and your future) from looking at any random number that you choose, e.g. your PIN numbers.

Have a look at to see what other numbers mean. Then think about what your PIN numbers may say about you!

Thanks to Adele Walker for inspiring this post.

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