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Win £50,000 for a great business idea

Barclays Bank is offering rewards of £50,000 for businesses with great ideas for growth – for start-ups and existing businesses.

There are nine lots of £50,000, one for each of nine regions across Britain.

As part of the application, there is the opportunity to do a video ‘sales pitch’ for your idea, and the Barclays website has some useful tips on how to record your video. (These tips are useful for any business-related videos, not just for this competition.)

To enter, it looks as if you need to set up a Barclays Business Account (if you don’t already have one), but I assume this can lay dormant if you find you don’t need it. Apart from that, you just need to devote the time to put your pitch and (optional) video together. Once you have done this, I am sure it could be recycled for any future fund-raising exercises, or as part of your website or social media marketing.

Note the closing date was 27 April 2011.

Good luck!

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