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Jesse Norman MP seeks advice from K&H on tax policy

Yesterday I attended the All Party Parliamentary Group on Employee Ownership at the House of Commons, where Jesse Norman MP, who is Chair of the Group, was keynote speaker along with Tristram Hunt and Norman Lamb.

During his presentation Jesse mentioned tax policy changes to encourage employee ownership, and I took this as my cue to approach him afterwards and mention a couple of ideas that I have about this, from working with business owners.

I mentioned that the key incentives revolve around paying employees using dividends and company buy-backs of shares as part of an exit plan.

Jesse asked me to write to him to explain this in more detail ahead of meetings and debates being held over the next few weeks leading up to the Budget on the 21st.

Who knows, maybe my input will result in some favourable tax changes in the Budget!

What do you think needs to change for business owners to want to embrace employee ownership?

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