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K&H: a ‘no bullshit’ zone!

I just had an interesting exchange with one of the partner companies that we work with and who we introduce clients to.

They pay us a small commission for introductions (instead of us charging the clients for advice in that particular area), and they emailed to say that the terms and conditions were changing.

I read the email and it looked fine – we seemed to be better off under the new T&Cs.

Just in case, I emailed back and asked “Are there any circumstances under which K&H or our clients can be worse off as a result of the new T&Cs?”

The reply was rather long-winded and unclear so I repeated the question. This time the reply made it clear that the answer was yes (though without actually using that word).

Please tell me if you ever catch me or one of the K&H team using bullshit or unnecessary jargon and I will give you a personal apology and a public confession as part of a blog post!

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