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Seven ways to boost your personal money making potential

My blog of 18 April about the money skills of extremely prosperous people was very popular- about 80% of you who opened the last e-proactivity read the blog. So I thought I would follow it up with some of my own thoughts on how to ensure you are physically and mentally able to perform at your peak, whether the objective is financial or anything else.

This also coincides with the decision of Feisal Nahaboo (MD of the Probiz accountants network that K&H are members of), to enter into a partnership with the UK’s exclusive Heartmath provider¬†(Heartmath is stress relief and personal performance enhancement system that uses breathing and visualisation techniques with huge scientifically proven benefits).

So, here are 7 (why is it always 7?) ways to boost your personal performance and money making capabilities, based on my own experience:

  1. Eat healthy food
  2. Take regular exercise.
  3. Don’t eat/drink anything that just gives you a short-term boost because when the effect wares off, you will suffer a proportionate decline eg coffee, alcohol and similar stimulants and drugs.
  4. Explore natural supplements- e.g. Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and Omega 3/DHA.
  5. Meditate or use similar techniques (such as Heartmath – see above)
  6. Explore alternative health remedies when you are ill, instead of just taking the pills that your GP prescribes.
  7. Associate more with people who practice the above (“You are the average of the 5 people closest to you” from the Slight Edge book).

I will talk more in a later blog about my personal experience of Heartmath and some of the effects on me of making changes in the 7 areas above.

One thing that is becoming obvious as I work with clients and see who is successful and who is not, and that is the fact that “the key to success” is actually several keys. These keys are about much more than just accountancy and business advice in the traditional sense, and I believe it is crucial that we at K&H take a holistic approach to the advice we give to make sure our clients get value from us. This includes thinking about their physical and mental wellbeing and in some cases helping coach and support them in these and other areas.

Do you agree? Please tell me.

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