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Policies not personalities?

Yesterday, we at K&H conducted our first ever webinar – the subject being the tax policies of the three main political parties. In preparation, Andy Scott, our tax director, read through the party manifestos.

I too have been doing some reading about the parties’ broader policies and finding out just how distorted the truth has been by many of the politicians we have been listening to.

To save you the unenviable task of reading through the manifestos and other propaganda, or – even worse – having to listen to hours of political spin and point-scoring by journalists, I strongly recommend you use a good website to help you decide on your vote, based on the policies rather than personality.

1. – you answer a series of questions about your policy preferences and it says which party matches those views best.

2. – you choose between the policy sets in the areas that are most important to you, and again it tells you at the end which parties those policies come from.

3. – see your local MP’s opinions, and what they have voted for. You can also see what expenses they have been claiming!

4. – similar to theyworkforyou.

Apparently, based on the feedback from the first two sites, I should be voting for a Labour/Green coalition!

Let me know if you find these sites (and any similar ones you may know of) a better way to choose how to vote.

One Response to “Policies not personalities?”

  1. Andy says:

    Thank you Andy! Surprisingly I’m also a Labour /Green … Were doomed to become an island full of French nuclear power stations decorated with windmills….

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