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Strategic Planning for Growth: Free Report

At K&H, we have recently signed up for the Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP) in order to help us update our strategic plans with the help of an external facilitator, part-funded by the government (to the tune of £2000, so far).

As a result I am on the mailing list of the Growth Accelerator people, and I have just downloaded their report “Working On (Not In) Your Business – The Importance of Strategic Planning for Growth”,  in the search for material to help me with the book on succession planning that I am currently writing (and over half way to finishing, I am pleased to say!).

The report summarises the result of extensive research amongst small business owners and their attitude to business planning. It points out some interesting facts, for example, differences in the way that male and female business owners approach the whole subject of planning and getting help from external consultants.

One of the areas that the researchers asked about was how important it was that an advisor had a similar personality.  I was surprised how low this figure was, although not as low for women.  After noting that women are twice as likely as men to consider personality important (36.7% to 17.8%), the author adds, to my amusement:  “One possible reason for this might be that they have found male advisors’ personalities a problem in the past.”! Elsewhere, the report states that women spend less time on strategic thinking than men – 12.4% compared with 23% – perhaps because of the difficulty of finding a well matched advisor.

I wonder how much the continuing prevalence in the professional business community by the male/middle class/middle aged/white demographic affects the success of “minority” business people from other population groups.

Here’s the link to get the full report:

Please post a comment with your thoughts on the report (especially if you are from one of the “minority” groups)  or let me know if you’d like an introduction to K&H’s GAP consultant so you can see if you can benefit from the funding.

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