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The truth about the recession – putting the record straight

A quick blog posting based on my email exchange with Ro Gorell recently (thanks for inspiring this Ro).

In the last few weeks nearly every client I have spoken to has said that things are picking up for them, including the estate agents I saw today – they have had record weeks for potential buyers signing up and for lettings income!

My hope is that the media run out of bad news headlines and start reporting the more positive stuff that is actually happening in the real world.

I wish there were more of a commercial incentive for someone to shift mindsets of all of us. A few of the books I have read recently have definitely helped do this for me:

  • Your Money or Your Life
  • Affluenza

And to a lesser extent:

  • Rich Dad Poor Day
  • Go Giver

Have you read any of these? Would you like to discuss further?

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