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Three steps to achieving your vision

I thought I’d share this article with you by Joe Wollenweber, from a recent E-Myth newsletter, which looks at how the entrepreneurial vision has been the catalyst for change throughout history. It is the guiding force behind human growth and invention.

If you can access it and act on it, there is no limit to the business and the life you can create for yourself.

Three steps – Sight, Strategy, Execution – will provide you with the foundation to put your vision into action.

As you’re in business, let’s assume that you have a vision of what you want from it. Perhaps you haven’t visited it for a while, but it’s there nonetheless.

Think of developing a business as being like architecture. An architect must visualise what is to be built. With proper planning, attention to detail, and permission, the building becomes a reality.

You are the architect.

You may feel that your task is more complicated because you’re also IN the business dealing with customers and competition. However, creating this strategy is the foundation of working ON your business. You can only work ON your business once you have your design on paper.

The skills of strategy and execution are at the heart of management.

If you want to be successful in your business, you must learn these skills. They’re not difficult, but you may have to challenge yourself to overcome habits or beliefs that have become ingrained through conditioning.

You can become an excellent leader and an effective manager, but you need to communicate to your staff the results you want to achieve.

Find some time, away from the everyday distractions of your business, where you can turn off the world, and turn your imagination back on. Don’t worry about writing anything down; see it in your mind first. Imagine what kind of business would most support the life you want.

Every one of you reading this has the capacity to become a dreamer of epic proportions. What else is an entrepreneur but someone who dreams freely and then turns that dream into a reality?

The best way to begin realising your dream is to visualise the result you want to create. It doesn’t have to be completely clear in the beginning, but as you work with it, it will begin to come into view.

Here are the steps

  1. Become a conscious dreamer. Make room for yourself to imagine the company of your dreams.
  2. Learn to be a manager. Apply yourself to the skills necessary to be a good leader. Learn to strategise and plan.
  3. Become a force of execution. This will support your vision’s realisation.

If you can see it, you can build it.

Imagine what’s possible. Never settle for anything less than the full realisation of your dream. Make this the year that you find your overpowering vision; then begin the process of creating it!

The full E-Myth article can be found here.

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