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Tips on developing your USP – and trust

Another great post on the E-Myth blog recently: 7 tips for developing your USP (unique selling proposition).

These are:

  1. Make it short – a phrase, not a sentence.
  2. Keep it vague enough to leave room for the reader’s imagination.
  3. Try to convey a positive feeling.
  4. Give it impact and emotion.
  5. Avoid defining your business as a commodity.
  6. Focus on the promise of emotional gratification – the result or benefit – not the work or features you offer.
  7. Make it consistent with the general perception of your business and what you have learned of your customer’s gratification mode and purchase preferences.

To read the full article click here.

I personally think that in many businesses the USP is a bit of a holy grail that can distract them from focusing on providing great service to their existing customers.

In our business (accountancy, and other ‘professional services’), what actually wins over the customer is the person they are dealing with. This is even more the case now that so much valuable information is available free on the internet. What people need is to be able to trust that the information or advice is right for them. This trust only comes from dealing with a trusted individual who knows them very well. Trust works on two levels, of course: sincerity and competence. Both are needed to be able to make your mark as a professional adviser and gain trust.

Of course, this smacks somewhat of ‘dependency of the business owner’, which may conflict with how you are trying to apply E-Myth principles in your business.

If you can weave into your USP something of the shared values and personalities of yourself and your team, you should be able to get the best of both approaches.

Tell me what you think.

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