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How trustworthy are you? Take the test and find out

You may know your IQ but what is your TQ (Trust Quotient)? David Maister, the professional services firm business guru, has on his website a diagnostic tool to help you assess just how trustworthy you are.

Trust is crucial to holding together the networked relationships that define the new economy. The ability to trust and be trusted is essential to business and personal relationships. You can now find out how trustworthy you are, why this is so important and what to do to improve your TQ.

The Trust Equation is:

C + R + I
TQ = ———

TQ=Trust Quotient (trustworthiness)

My score was 6.2. My greatest strength (apparently!) is Reliability, and greatest weakness Intimacy.

The test only takes about 2 minutes – please have a go and let us know your results.

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