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Wealth mastery: The key to financial abundance

From Wealth Mastery and from reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Your Money Or Your Life recently, the message is very clear and disappointingly mundane.

To achieve financial abundance you must:

  • Save money – spend less than you earn
  • Re-invest the returns on your savings
  • Get compound growth on all your savings and investment
  • Keep reinvesting until you reach financial independence

This is when your investment income exceeds your spending and you don’t need to work any more.

The great thing about being in this position is that you can then choose the ‘work’ you want to do. You can be completely fulfilled by continuing to add value to the lives of the people around you – and have a great time doing so.

One Response to “Wealth mastery: The key to financial abundance”

  1. Steve Mills says:

    This is a great example Andrew of how doing the simple things right we can all be successful.

    Steve Mills

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