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Wealth mastery: Which is your ‘level of abundance’?

As explained in my introduction to this series of blogs, the premise of the Wealth Mastery seminar was that all wealth really begins and ends in the mind.

At the other extreme are unbridled acquisitiveness and materialism. Which end of the scale are you? Here are the four levels of abundance that we learned about at the seminar:

Level 1: Egocentricity – You are totally focused on what you don’t have and you go all out to get it, just for the sake of having it

Level 2: Ethnocentric – You feel wealthy when the rewards you receive are in line with your efforts (a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay)

Level 3: Worldcentric – You feel wealthy regardless of the return on your efforts

Level 4: Spiritcentric – You feel wealthy regardless of your circumstances, e.g. even in the face of pain or loss of liberty (think of Nelson Mandela and Ghandi). Here, money doesn’t matter at all.

Where would you grade yourself on this scale?

One Response to “Wealth mastery: Which is your ‘level of abundance’?”

  1. Caroline says:

    Andrew – what an excellent posting. I find it a constant effort to move away from the lower levels. In today’s massively consumer-oriented society it is hard not to think there is something wrong. You have captured it nicely. Thank you.

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