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Wealth mastery: the three pillars of wealth creation

Here is the second of my blogs on my attendance at the Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery training session.

The ways of building wealth were categorised into:

  1. Paper – This includes stocks, shares, options etc- anything intangible and tradable. In other blogs I will be revealing the secret of success in trading stocks!
  2. Property – eg using the power of Other People’s Money (OPM -pronounce it “opium” to get people’s attention) – borrow money on your equity growth and deposit on more properties. I will be passing on the 5 Golden Rules of property investment for 2009 in another blog posting.
  3. Business – This goes without saying for us and our clients of course. I always believed, and still do after attending the Wealth Mastery course, that this is the number one way to add value to the lives of others and so it is the most socially and responsibly valuable way in which to build wealth.

There are various other way of categorising investments (eg assets allocation in “buckets”) and I will be looking at these in more detail in later blog posts.

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