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Wealth Mastery: Why aren’t more people wealthy?

Following my blog pasting a year ago about Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within “Seminar”, last week I went to another of his 4-day marathon training sessions, this time Wealth Mastery.

As you might expect from anything with the Anthony Robbins name attached, the seminar was about much more than just creating wealth. The overarching message was that psychological factors play a key role. In fact, 80% of our financial success is determined by this.

Of course, once you start recognising that so much of success is determined by what is in your mind, you also discover that “wealth” is actually more of a state of mind than about material or monetary gain. The paradox of the seminar was that we then went on to find ways to make material or monetary gains!

To me, the most valuable part of the 4 days was:

  • getting clarity about my number of years to “financial independence”
  • discovering how this can be brought forward by using paper investments in particular

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a series of blogs with all of the key things that I learned on the Wealth Mastery course. These include:

  1. Why aren’t more people wealthy?
  2. The three pillars of wealth creation: Paper (stocks, shares etc), Property, Business
  3. Asset allocation “buckets” – a system to spread risk
  4. The secret to successfully playing the stock market
  5. Which “level of abundance” are you at?
  6. The key to financial abundance
  7. The four things you need to achieve financial wealth
  8. The 5 Golden Rules of property investment for 2009

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