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Why use testimonials

Since the launch of the new K&H website in early 2009, we have been busy asking clients to help us build up the ‘marketing collateral’ in the site by providing testimonials and case studies. With the increasing predominance of the internet over other forms of marketing, what others say about you is becoming ever more accessible and more important than what you say about yourself.

There are a number of less obvious benefits that have come out of this:
– reminding clients of the value of the work that we have done for them
– reminding us of the value of the work that we have done. This is very motivating to everyone in the K&H team, of course
– we have most of the raw material we need for when we decide to add video versions to our site
– giving us the opportunity to draw attention to the positive in PR and blogs (such as this!)

There are also benefits to our clients giving the testimonials:
– it gives them an opportunity to promote their businesses to visitors to our website
– it allows them to have a link to their website (which helps their site’s search engine optimisation)
– we also hope that it encourages them to get testimonials for their own sites, and perhaps gives them some ideas about how to approach the task

Please have a look at the way that the information is presented on our site. If you agree with me about the many benefits, I hope this gives you some inspiration for developing (or maintaining) similar material on your own site:

View more in-depth case studies on this site.

You may also be interested in my blog post explaining why we invested in the new website. Click here to view the blog post.

I’d like to thank once again all the clients who have taken the time to help us.

Can you think of any other benefits of using testimonials in this way? Please contact me or post a comment with your thoughts.

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