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Excise movement and control system

Excise movement and control system Excise duties

The Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) is an electronic system designed to capture information relating to the receipt and dispatch of duty suspended excise goods (alcohol, tobacco and oil products) that are moving within the EU. The EMCS must also be used for intra-UK duty suspended movements except for those involving energy products or where the movement is one that meets the criteria for simplified procedures to be used instead.

Each EU member state is responsible for developing their own national system that links to other states through a central system maintained by the European Commission. EMCS allows for the secure online transmission of data between all parties and immediate validation of the electronic Administrative Document. This ensures that before duty suspended excise goods are dispatched the consignee is approved to receive the goods.

The EMCS service issues page has been updated. There are some known service issues relating to the following:

  • Delay in closing export declarations
  • Status still shows as ‘Accepted’ following a change of destination
  • Previous document code for export declarations
  • Delivery place trader information


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