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Marshalls Pet Store

“I’m a qualified accountant myself, but we still need the independent appraisal that K&H provide”

Emma Marshall
Marshalls Pet Store

Marshalls Pet Store is a somewhat unusual client of K&H, in that one of the directors, Emma Marshall, is a qualified accountant, so prepares the accounts herself.

Where Emma finds K&H useful is for independent appraisal of the accounts she produces. “I prepare the accounts, and they go to K&H for checking. K&H then submit them to Companies House and HMRC for us.”

K&H have been the accountants for Marshalls Pet Store for 19 years, so the connection is a long-standing one. Over the years, turnover has risen significantly, and sales via the website have become an increasing part of the business.

And when the company moved from a manual accounting system to a software package, K&H helped with the transition.

Says Emma: “What I also like is the K&H newsletter, and the tips it contains. If there’s something relevant to us, I can then implement it in our company.”