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Qi Statistics

“Very personable and totally upfront about their charges”

Anne Hasted
Qi Statistics

Anne Hasted founded Qi Statistics about 20 years ago. It’s a consultancy company that specialises in statistical training and data analysis support for a wide range of organisations, from multinational food companies to smaller market research agencies. Anne has been using K&H for several years now. She found them through a Google search, so the discovery was almost a random one, though she was looking for an accountancy firm that was geographically near. “I was impressed by their website, and arranged an initial meeting with Andrew Gray, and we’ve gone on from there.”

“What attracted me to K&H was the fact they are all very personable, and are totally upfront about their charges. I’m very satisfied with the service they provide; they are very efficient about doing the accounts, and they also give me sound tax advice. ”

K&H offer plenty of advice for new businesses, but are also full of good suggestions for more stable, more developed companies such as Anne’s. “They often give me tips on how I can save money, and are very proactive in coming up with suggestions, which is just what I want.”