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Rainmaker Coaching

“K&H took time to listen and understand my business. They have helped me make my company more efficient and effective and, most importantly, less dependent on me”

Rob Biggin
Managing Director
Rainmaker Coaching

The native American Indians used rainmakers to bring on the rain for the crops. In today’s world, ‘rainmakers’ are people who can generate business without actually being sales people. It’s a thin line between the two, but an important one, as Rob Biggin knows.

Rob worked in sales for Hewlett Packard for 24 years before going his own way. He came across the concept of rainmakers, and became fascinated, and convinced of the power for use in business. He set up Rainmaker Coaching, and gathered together a group of associates to work with him.

“I was annoyed with my previous accountants. They were a classic case of having a ‘silver top sage’ as the front man, but then handing the work to a graduate who is only learning the job.” Then one of Rob’s coaches introduced him to K&H.

Rob was drawn to Andrew immediately. “He took the time to listen and understand my business. Putting into practice lessons from Michael Gerber’s E-Myth we drew up an organisational chart, putting each role in the company into a box. I was in every one! K&H have helped take me out of the boxes and in the process make my company more efficient and effective, and, more importantly, less dependent on me. They also deliver very good accounting and tax planning services.”

Says Rob: “A key element of rainmaking is to be interested, not interesting. Andrew is like that – he is genuinely interested in my business, and in helping it grow.”