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Selling your business

You’ve built up your business and the time has come to start thinking about moving on. You could sell it, which will hopefully give you a cash lump sum, but when you do this your main source of income ceases. It may give you a better life but what happens when the money runs out? The sale process can also take a long time and be very stressful and costly.

There is another option

We have helped many business owners sell their businesses. For many it is an option worth investigating and it can work out well. But we have also seen many situations where it doesn’t work out.

Increasingly we are finding that business owners are choosing to pass their business on to family members or staff, because this way they can realise value yet still remain connected to the company.

To find out more about why our clients are choosing succession planning instead selling their business, read this blog by Andrew Gray.

However, if you are interested in selling your business, we can put you in touch with organisations that can help you.