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…the plan and start feeling the benefits

This step is about putting in place all the things that will make the ISOP recommendations happen. This often involves creating group companies or limited liability partnerships (LLPs), valuation of shares/goodwill, creating new share classes and options, mapping out dividend and income extraction, tax clearances, inheritance tax and estate planning.

This is the heart of the ISOP process, where all the major changes start to happen.

Professional advisers and partners

We work with your other professional advisers (solicitors, IFAs, business consultants) to implement the plan, including restructuring your company shares, updating wills and trusts.

A crucial element of this is understanding your income needs in retirement. We recommend that you do a personal cash flow forecast with your financial adviser so you know exactly how close you are to financial independence, which we believe is the ultimate goal of all financial planning.

If you would like us to recommend some professional advisers, we have a network of business partners with whom we work.