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Are you fit for your purpose?

Laura de la Harpe, Nutritional Therapist

Laura de la Harpe, Nutritional Therapist

In the wake of the Olympics, it’s a great time to reflect on your own goals. Are you performing at your best to achieve your business goals? Do you have all the energy, stamina and resilience you need to run your business effectively?

Like any athlete, you have to give your body the right nutrition, mental conditioning, exercise and rest for your specific field.


How do you keep your energy up throughout the day, with no dips mid-morning and mid-afternoon?

  • Eat three meals a day with no snacks in between. Ideally, leave 5-hour gaps between meals. Breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12.30, dinner at 6pm.
  • 25% of each meal should be PROTEIN (yoghurt, nuts, seeds, eggs, cheese, chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat, beans, tofu)
  • 25% starchy carbohydrates (wholemeal/rye bread, rice, potatoes, oats, root vegetables, pasta)
  • 50% non-starchy carbs (leafy vegetables, salads, fruits: berries, apples, pears, oranges, cherries, plums)
  • Use healthy oils: olive or coconut oil in your cooking, and extra virgin olive oil on your salads.
  • Drink 35ml of water per kg of body weight.

This helps reduce the need for your body to over-produce insulin and thus avoid the energy dips a few hours after eating.

Keeping strictly to this Monday to Friday and relaxing the rules slightly at the weekend helps you to stick to them.

Mental conditioning

Use visualisation and the power of positive thought to keep you focused. Take regular breaks and remember to smile! NEVER have your lunch while reading email! Switch off at weekends and on holiday.


Exercising for 30 – 45 minutes three times per week helps to build muscle and to keep your cardiovascular system in check. It also helps improve your energy levels and moods. For some it is a real de-stressor and helps improve sleep as well. It is not the calories you use up while exercising but what your muscles burn while you are not exercising that counts.


Relaxation and sleep affect your performance during the day. You burn fat and repair muscles while asleep. Your mind has time to process the day while you rest. I recommend you get 8 hours’ sleep each night.

Like any athlete, you have to be focused and disciplined to achieve your goals, so make sure you are fit for your purpose.

Laura de la Harpe, Nutritional Therapist


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