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Canny’s Cottage

I was doing more of what I love a couple of weeks ago – and that was visiting my dear homeland of Co. Donegal in Ireland.  I thought this was a nice heart-warming story that I should share with you.

I came across a little house (photo below) which was built many years ago by the local people for a man called John Canny.

He was born in Ireland but lived for some time in America where he made his fortune, but as he was on his way back to Ireland he was robbed of everything.  He borrowed a shovel from a local and dug out a 12-foot cave in the sandbacks where he lived for a number of years and became a bit of a hermit.  Many locals were afraid of him because of his long beard and because he carried a gun, probably for hunting.  However, during a particularly heavy snowfall, they decided to intervene and build a house for him.  All the local farmers helped by bringing cartloads of stones and thatch, and the house was built in a day.

A local doctor managed to talk Canny into taking up occupancy of the little house and he lived there for six months before he died. The little house has survived as a testament to the generosity of the local people.


Canny's cottage

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