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Changes to National Insurance

From April 2011 the Tax Office is changing the way it collects Class 2 National Insurance contributions. This is payable by the self-employed, partners in a partnership and members in a Limited Liability partnership.

Previously it was paid either by monthly direct debit or quarterly bill.

It will now be paid in two instalments on 31 July and 31 January. The tax office will send out the bills showing the amount due in April and October for payment in July and January.

The bill can be paid by telephone banking, Bank Giro, at the Post Office, by direct debit or by cheque.

If you have any queries or comments, do let me know.

One Response to “Changes to National Insurance”

  1. Andrew Gray says:

    Andy- Why don’t HMRC just increase Class 4 NI and get rid of Class 2 completely?

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