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Does art earn its keep in the workplace?


Chloe Adams, Director of Little Van Gogh
 who help businesses showcase the work of over 700 of Europe’s most exciting up and coming artists


It feels instinctive to say that exhibiting art in the office is beneficial to the work force but why exactly is this the case? We recently came across a fascinating office survey (A collaboration between the International Association for Professional Art Advisors and the Business Committee for the Arts Inc.) that asked employees in America what impact they felt art had on them and their office. The top ranking statement scored 94%, saying that art improved the office environment. This seems an obvious enough outcome but the next highest score showed that 87% of people felt that art was evidence of their employers’ interest in improving their quality of life both in and out of work.

In order to fully thrive, employees need to feel respected and cared about as people. Engaged for Success (an organisation dedicated to workforce engagement) are often quoted as saying ‘I am a human being not a human resource’ and this strikes at the heart of arts’ success in the workplace. The survey indicates that employers who have a genuine interest in the well-being of their employees will have art of some description in the office.

The survey shows a belief that art reduces stress (78%) and also that it enhances morale (67%). Whilst these are key issues, it is difficult to argue that art alone can solve these problems and it seems reasonable that a multi-dimensional approach needs to be taken.

Art is subjective and so by nature it requires discussion. Communication is vital to a healthy team and 77% of people said that it encouraged them to talk and share their opinions with one another. But can art make a team more productive? 64% of employees said that they believed it did and they also felt that art in the office enhanced their creativity at work.

Let’s paint the dream team scenario: a creative, productive group of communicators, where stress levels are kept to a minimum and morale is high. If we go by the survey, art contributes to every ingredient of the dream team recipe. Ultimately it seems that the key outcome of art in the office is that employees feel valued. It is human nature to engage with and enjoy art, be it painting, cinema or music and to invite culture into the work place is evidence that, as the 87% said, their employer cares about their ‘quality of life both in and out of work’.

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