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Email from ‘HMRC’? You have a tax refund! Another scam!

Just to make you aware that once again a number of clients, and ourselves, have recently received emails purporting to come from HMRC, advising that you have a tax refund.  These are not genuine and whilst you may, or may not, be entitled to a tax refund, the Revenue never sends emails relating to tax payments.  So if you’ve recently received one of these emails from ‘HMRC‘ they can be deleted.  Below is an example of one I have received today:

Dear      , 

We have detected that you have paid too much tax in the past, due to an official error. 

Therefore HMRC applied ESC B41 to issue a repayment for tax years which are now out of date under the strict statute.

Reclaim your overpaid tax

Please completely fill out the form above.  Accurate information is necessary so that we may process your request faster.



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