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Do you love your website?

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If you hate your website, you are not alone. In a recent survey, 82% of employees said they didn’t like their own company’s website.


Because they were not involved in its development.

As within, so without

A great website authentically communicates who you are to your customers and prospects, and shows how you can benefit them.

The key word here is ‘authentically’. Gone are the days when you can fake it and hope to get away with it. With Google, your customers can easily find out what you’re really like.

‘Authentic’ means that you are on the outside what you are on the inside. ‘As within, so without’, as the Greek poet Hermessianex said in 400BC. It means that you’re genuine, trustworthy and have integrity. Which is what your customers want.

But in order to communicate who you are, you first need to know who you are. Contrary to popular belief, this knowledge is held by your employees.

Employees are your greatest asset

From the chairman to the receptionist, your employees know what you aspire to, what you actually deliver, and how your customers benefit.

Therein lies your competitive advantage.

So, the first step in developing a great website is to engage with your employees at a deeper level. Tease out from them the reality of what your company is about, as they see it. Understand the heart and soul of your organisation from the inside.

Getting outside help can be beneficial, because your staff might not want to tell you – the owner or MD – the truth. Using employee surveys, focus groups, one-to-one interviews and whole-company gatherings, companies such as mine can help you discover the reality of your brand through the eyes of your team. And in this process your real competitive edge emerges.

The insights gained form the bedrock of your external communications – the main element of which is usually your website.

Inside Out Marketing

We call this Inside Out Marketing and it has the effect of revitalising your business by channelling the emerging energy into fresh and genuine customer communication. And because employees have been fundamental to the process they love it. No buy-in is required, because the ideas came from them in the first place.

Which means employees will start loving their company’s website. And because they feel engaged the result can be an increase in profit, efficiency and productivity. As well as improved employee well-being, attendance rates and loyalty.

The customer always comes second

This is the draft title of a book I’m currently writing on marketing from the inside out. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts. Please email me, Skype me (juliansharples) or call me (0797 185 3880).

Or visit the new S-Group website, which we developed using the inside out marketing approach.

Julian Sharples
Managing Director, S-Group Ltd
S-Group is a marketing agency delivering brochures, branding and websites using the inside out marketing model.

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