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HMRC tax video – the most boring on YouTube?

Another success for the Revenue! Forget pay-per-click, forget Google Adwords, forget website optimisation – the Revenue has obtained two notable firsts.

A Google search on YouTube brings their latest offering to the top of the search list and, according to The Daily Telegraph, they have produced the most boring video on YouTube.

It looks as though very little was spent on its production. The budget obviously did not stretch to a new haircut or suit for the Revenue’s Mr Hartnett. It views like a party political broadcast from the 1970s in the days before politicians were airbrushed from various marketing and PR agencies.

From a technical, tax point of view, there is nothing wrong with the presentation; although I did for a brief minute believe I was playing Monopoly with more than one reference to ‘Go to Jail’.

Judge for yourself:

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  1. I love that Alan Partridge sketch…

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