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How to grow fresh air and increase productivity – Colin Smith, Director, Botanica Nurseries

Colin Smith, Director, Botanica Nurseries

Everyone agrees that fresh flowers and green plants in the office look good and make people feel good, but in these days of tightened budgets we are often asked ‘How good is good?’

Maybe surprisingly, the answer is very good. Research by NASA and scientists at Washington State University has shown that the benefits of plants in offices are huge:

  • They look good and contribute to a general sense of well-being
  • They help to clean the air of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene and ozone, which are common in an office environment
  • They reduce heat and noise levels
  • They reduce stress among employees
  • They reduce fatigue, headaches, coughing and eye irritation by controlling humidity levels

This leads to:

  • Improved air quality and a much healthier working environment
  • A reduction in sick leave and ‘sick building syndrome’
  • A positive effect on creativity and concentration levels
  • An increase in productivity
  • Employees with a higher opinion of their employer
  • Visiting clients get a positive impression about your company
  • Companies can truly claim to have made a contribution to a green workplace and an energy-efficient building – a bonus when dealing with The Green Building Council

Plant displays are often seen as a luxury, but they are relatively cheap compared with other office expenses. Also, the benefits mean they offer a good return on investment. You can rent a substantial display from as little as £2.50 per week, including maintenance.

Further good news is that using a professional interior landscaping company to choose, supply and maintain your plant displays takes away all the hassle and leaves you to enjoy the benefits of healthy and aesthetically pleasing displays. You need to choose a company with a proven track record over many years, who can recommend and supply a wide range of displays and follow this up with a professional maintenance service. All initial visits and written recommendations should be free and without obligation.

Botanica has been in business for 25 years and we offer a personal service in supplying and maintaining tropical interior plant displays. We cover a large part of South and Central England and supply and maintain plants for more than 200 companies.

Please visit our website at for more details, email me or ring 01753 647476 to speak to us directly.

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