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Inland Revenue announcement – six million people have paid the wrong amount of tax

You may have seen or heard about the recent Inland Revenue announcement in the news.  Please see the BBC story on this here.

Rest assured that if we prepared your personal tax returns for 2008/09, then you will not be receiving an unwelcome tax bill as we calculate the correct amount of tax payable as part of our tax return process.

The following individuals may owe additional tax:

•  Employees who receive benefits in kind such as company cars and private medical insurance

•  Employees who may have changed jobs during the tax year

•  Employees who received taxable state benefits

•  Individuals receiving a pension or new source of income for the first time

•  Individuals retiring and receiving a state pension or occupational pension

•  Higher rate taxpayers taxed under PAYE

•  Individuals who complete their own tax return using a paper tax return and who ask the Revenue to calculate their tax bill

•  Higher rate taxpayers with additional tax allowances given through their tax coding such as Gift Aid and personal pension contributions

Feel free to pass our details on to any of your friends, family or business contacts who have received an unexpected tax bill and need tax advice.


Please be aware that HMRC never sends emails or calls anyone to inform them of a tax rebate. Any such communication will always be by post, and never by phone, emails or external companies. HMRC advice is that, if you receive such a phone call, do not give any information, but report it to the police immediately. And if you receive an email claiming to be from HMRC, send it to to HMRC for investigation before deleting it permanently.

HMRC says that fraudsters typically try to gather your bank details, then attempt to take money from your account. Victims risk not only having their accounts emptied but also their personal details sold to other criminal gangs.

Scam emails ‘offering’ a tax rebate are nothing new. See the Tax scam warning here for an example email.

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