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Latest news from Overdene House

We haven’t had a catch-up for a while, so it’s probably a good time to bring you up to date with the goings on in and around Overdene House.

We’ve had a few personnel changes over the past couple of months. We were all very sorry to say Goodbye to Becca Fox who has been with us since early 2013 as a trainee accountant. Becca has decided that accountancy is not where her heart lies and has decided that she wants to become a geography teacher.  Becca is going back to university later this year and we are sure she will make a great success of her new career.

Our new trainee accountant is Harry Ling who joined us in April and is settling very well into his new role.

I’m delighted to say that we have also recently recruited a Bookkeeper – Moira Allen. Moira has also settled well into her role, and she has many years bookkeeping experience behind her.

Chris has been given the role of Head Gardener again this year and he’s doing his usual  excellent job;  the strawberries and runner beans are flourishing.

We had our usual K&H Fantasy Football league for the 2013-14 season which has now come to an end and I have to say that we all got absolutely thrashed by Becca, who led for the whole season.
Chris presenting Becca with Football trophy13-14

This is a photo of Chris Maffey presenting Becca with her trophy.

Talking of football, you can’t have failed to notice that the World Cup is upon us. Like many of you, we are having a World Cup Sweepstake just to make it a little more interesting. We haven’t made the draw yet, so we are all on tenterhooks to find out which team we will get!

Did you watch any of the D-Day Commemorations? I thought the coverage was really great and good to see so many Heads of State there paying their respects too.

It was a very emotional day, with many a tear coming to the eye. And hats off to Veteran Bernard Jordan who couldn’t get on to the coach to Normandy because it was full, so decided to stage his own great escape from his Care Home and travelled to Normandy under his own steam, forgetting to let people know that he had gone AWOL!  89 year old Bernard wanted to pay his respects at the special 70 year Commemorations. What a character – he deserves another medal.

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Let’s all catch up again soon.


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