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"Learn to drive… your keyboard" by Jonathan Stevens

Jonathan Stevens, Director of StarTouch

Jonathan Stevens, Director of StarTouch

Imagine if no one was ever taught to drive. They just got into a car, watched the controls as much as the road, travelled mostly in second gear, and occasionally turned left when they meant to turn right. But generally they managed to get from A to B, and were content with that.

Hard to imagine?

Now imagine a manager, a lawyer, an accountant – almost anybody, in fact – who sits at a keyboard for many hours a day, typing emails and reports, without having been taught touch typing.

Sounds familiar?

Touch typing has an old-fashioned image, but really is a core skill of the modern workplace. It’s a human skill that everyone who uses a computer keyboard should have: accurate typing not only increases efficiency, but typing properly also means that you have to sit straight, so you are at less risk of repetitive strain injury.

Inefficient typing is a neglected cost to business – an invisible drain on time and therefore money. If every email that takes five or six minutes to write (and still might contain errors) could be typed accurately in two minutes, there would be an enormous saving over the course of even just one day.

Surprisingly, learning to touch type needn’t be a long drawn-out process. I visit clients’ offices (as I have done for K&H) and deliver a one-day course. After this intensive, interactive and surprisingly motivating day of tuition, learners emerge able to type with high accuracy, high confidence and without looking down at all.

The price for this is a slow initial speed, but a carefully designed practice regime can see speed increase rapidly, while accuracy stays close to 100%. The trick is: if you practise the right techniques, you improve quickly.

Individuals benefit by doing their jobs better, faster, with less stress and greater focus on content. Corporately, the impact goes beyond increased productivity and accuracy, to encompass staff wellbeing and reduced sickness costs due to healthy posture.

If you are interested in learning more about touch typing, visit my website or give me a ring on 020 8288 8255.

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