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News from Overdene House

So 2016 (or 4713 in Chinese years) is already well-advanced, we are into the Lenten season, Valentine’s Day is upon us and remember ladies it’s also leap year!

Here at K&H, continual improvement is part of our culture and this year we are putting a great deal of focus into how we engage and collaborate with you, our clients.

We want your opinions and we want to know how we can help your business to succeed. This is a ‘good to great’ journey and we would love to have you take this journey with us.

Maybe you have some particular subjects you would like us to talk about in our newsletter and blogs. What are the challenges you expect your business to face in the coming months and years? How do you want your accountant to help you?

Business is changing at an incredible rate and new opportunities present themselves almost on a daily basis. As I hope you will see from this publication and our blogs, we keep abreast of much of what is happening in the world of accounting, but we believe we can be so much more for you. We want you to see us as your business partners – your first port of call for the very best in financial advice and guidance as we take this journey together.

If you’re as excited as we are about building business success, please do contact me.

You will see from Andrew Gray’s recent blog about Real Time Accounting, that he considers himself a MAMIL; well I’m not sure about the MA – but I can confirm he is a MIL!  At the end of his blog he mentions that we intend to run a number of events this year including one about the benefits of using Xero in your business, so if this is something that you feel would benefit you, do get in touch.

Now, here’s a little competition for you.  Our e-newsletter is titled News & Views, however if you can come up with something more inspired than News & Views then do email me or leave a comment below and if we use your suggestion there is a bottle of champers in it for you.






And finally here’s a thought for today:  “If you think you are perfect already, then you never will be” – Cristiano Ronaldo



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