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No cheques please we’re British!

There have been changes to the filing and payment of Corporation Tax.

For all accounting periods ending after 31 March 2011, we have had to file Corporation Tax Returns in a different format.  It is called iXBRL and this enables a computer and a person to read the same document.

The changes also mean that you cannot send a cheque to the Revenue to settle your Corporation Tax bill.  Payments should be made electronically; if you still want to pay by cheque you must pay the bill at your bank using the bank payment slip at the bottom of your tax bill.

Full details of this can be found on the Revenue website by clicking here.

One Response to “No cheques please we’re British!”

  1. Andrew Gray says:

    Anything that reduces human involvement in the admin of tax has to be a good thing, especially when the tax offices are struggling as much as they are already (even before the cuts really start to bite?).

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