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Payroll giving

Payroll giving HMRC NOTICES

Payroll giving was introduced in 1997 to encourage employees to allow employers to deduct charitable donations from their pay before PAYE. The scheme allows taxpayers to make a tax free donation to charity directly from their pay or pension if their employer runs a payroll giving scheme which has been approved by HMRC.Donations made using payroll giving are made after National Insurance has been deducted but before Income Tax deductions. This allows taxpayers to obtain an immediate tax deduction at their highest tax rate. This is especially beneficial for higher rate taxpayers. In 2015-16, over £130m was donated to UK charities through the scheme.

HMRC has updated its list of Payroll Giving Agencies that can help employers to promote Payroll Giving in the workplace, whether using a professional fundraising organisation, staff champions or a chosen charity. The list only includes agencies that have asked to be listed.

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