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The Pre-Budget Report – 'The Podcast'

Hear what Andy Scott, K&H’s Tax Director, has to say about Alistair Darling’s Pre-Budget Report and how it will affect you as a small business owner/manager.


Click the arrow above (>) to listen. Click the link to download an MP3.

3 Responses to “The Pre-Budget Report – 'The Podcast'”

  1. Great podcast Andy! Brief and to the point. A lot easier than listening to yesterday’s waffle! And as you rightly summarise not much in there for the ordinary taxpayer. But any client who thinks it may effect them should contact their accountant or tax advisor.

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  2. Andrew Gray says:

    Shame there wasn’t more in the budget to comment on! Looks as if tax scheme like employee benefit trusts are not affected at all- is that right Andy?

  3. andrew.gray says:

    I would be interested to know from listeners how important they think the sound quality of the podcasts is- does it need to be professional recorded in a studio or is it enough to have great content?

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