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Reasons why people change accountants

I’m finding Twitter an increasingly great source of information and recently came across the 25 reasons why people change their accountants.

I like to think that Kirkpatrick & Hopes does well in most, if not all, of these areas.  I’ve randomly selected a few of these and would like to give you my reasons as to why I feel K&H would score highly.

  • Some accountants do not return phone calls promptly
    K&H: As part of our core values and team commitments we aim to respond to emails and phone calls within one business day.
  • Some accountants do not complete work on a timely basis, affording clients practically no time to make changes or ask questions
    K&H: We will agree deadlines with you and stick to them whenever possible.
  • Some accountants charge clients unexpected or additional fees without advance warning
    K&H: Our clients pay a fixed fee price, agreed at the outset, giving you total peace of mind and you can telephone, email and call in as often as you like without getting a bill each time. If you find that you need any additional services outside the agreement we will give you a fixed price before we do any work or we won’t charge you extra.
  • Some accountants seem to lack sufficient relevant technical knowledge
    K&H: Our Accounts Team has regular in-house training and attend seminars and webinars that go towards their continuous professional development.
  • Some accountants are only really in contact once a year
    K&H: We like to keep in touch with clients on a regular basis, not just for their ‘year-ends’.
  • Some accountants have not discussed (in recent years) the client’s exit plans for selling the business or retirement
    K&H: As Succession Planning Accountants, this is an area that we specialise in –  more here.
  • Some accountants use too much jargon, which clients find difficult to understand 
    We guarantee to use plain English in all our dealings with clients.

You can read the full list of Mark Lee’s 25 reasons why people change accountants here.

I’d be delighted to hear your comments – Bernadette Brownlie




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