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Revenue appoints debt collectors – you have been warned!

To help collect outstanding tax, HMRC has enlisted the help of four debt-collecting agencies (DCAs).

They hope to collect an additional £140,000,000 of unpaid tax in this way.

Contracts have been signed with the following debt collectors:

  • Commercial Collection Services Ltd
  • Credit Solutions Ltd
  • Fairfax Solicitors Ltd
  • iQor Recovery Services Ltd

The Revenue Spokesman Nick Lodge says:  “We are all expected to pay our taxes on time and most do. DCAs give HMRC vital additional capacity, strengthening our ability to pursue the debts of those who decline to pay.

“We do understand that some businesses and individuals are not in a position to pay what they owe and we have put procedures in place to help those who are genuinely struggling. But those who simply refuse to pay have to be pursued, and our partnership with DCAs ensures they will be.”

The Revenue say they contact a business or individual taxpayer before putting any tax debt in the hands of a DCA.

I wonder how this will all work in practice?  For more details, please click on the following  links:

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